Cutting-Edge Data-Driven


Analyte offers a comprehensive simulation service offering based on creating
high-fidelity simulation environments that accurately represent process flows and device functions, and which can be manipulated to allow for variable inputs and circumstances.

process control modelling

Our simulations can be used to test the validity of capital investment decisions, assess capacity requirements and develop solutions for identified process bottlenecks and system weaknesses.

Process and device simulation can save time on commissioning of new equipment by modelling its integration into existing systems, and searching for any compatibility issues.

In this way, we can assist you in gaining a head start on the actual process of commissioning.

Based on process data from in situ sensors, these simulations ensure data is modelled in context.

Also data-driven, these simulations depend on an understanding of the physics and chemistry behind each model, and ensure that it makes sense.

We can assist with optimising your capital expenditure when initiating new projects and save you money by testing different designs before you commit to investing. By validating anticipated or projected volumes, we can help you build a business case, and assess your current and required capacity.

Our business rule-driven simulations for the logistics sector are based on relevant inputs from multiple process experts, which are used to inform our models.

Simulating the actions or interactions of a particular component allows for approximations of advanced process controls that cannot be measured, to be predicted in coordination with existing metrics.

This approach can be extended to include computing multiple other variables.

Creating authentic, data-driven digital replicas of devices and processes and ensuring that they operate and respond to inputs and stressors in the same way as their real-world counterparts.

Digital twins can be run in parallel with actual processes, contributing to more accurate predictions, enhanced system stability and reduced deviation.

What makes us different

We focus on understanding your systems and business challenges.

Our workforce have been working in the field of decision simulation and systems simulation for over two decades, and have adapted our approach to include newer innovations such as digital twins.

Over time, we have vastly expanded our simulation capabilities to enable process approximation and the simulation of unmeasurable variables – functions that were not previously possible.

Our simulation service offering will help you increase your system capacity and throughputs.

We can ensure that your capital investment is appropriate to addressing real-world challenges. In the same vein, we can help you avoid misdirecting capital investment by spending on the wrong systems.

We develop data-dependent rather than data-determined systems simulations for enhanced flexibility and realism. Our simulations are sophisticated enough to include decision modelling, rather than just simple inputs and outputs.

Ultimately, we help you make better business and investment decisions.

Our process and device simulations are fully aligned for contemporaneous integration, and are robust enough to remain relevant in dynamic environments.

Operator Training

We believe in investing in people, and empowering them by providing them with better support tools.

simulation training in process control

Empowering Operator Excellence Through Simulation Training

Simulation provides a safe space on which to train operators, where human errors have only hypothetical consequences.

Operators can experience realistic scenarios ranging from everyday processes to typical errors and emergencies, and be assessed on their knowledge, reactions and chosen response.

Where operators fail to perceive a developing situation, or respond inappropriately, training needs can be identified and customised upskilling solutions designed and implemented.

Elevating Proficiency with UI/UX-Centric Simulations for Operators

Operator training using simulation is faster and more effective, and creates a safe space in which trainee operators can make mistakes in the initial stages of their professional development.

We place a great emphasis on User Interfaces (UI) and the User Experience (UX) when designing simulations for training purposes.

Why choose Analyte as your simulation partner?

We see simulation as a natural extension of existing skillsets and processes.

As such, simulation is a fits seamlessly into our overall expertise portfolio.

Alignment with our values

Our simulation service offering is entirely aligned with our Friendship Community value – by working together with our colleagues and you, our client, we can tap into additional expertise and use this to enrich each simulation, and enable its integration into your systems.

We consistently add value by empowering operators to make better decisions in real-time. We help you take control of process and product quality as part of our commitment to shared ownership.

This ensures that all development work takes place with a continuity framework – your guarantee of bespoke software solutions with maximum uptime.